Who and where am I

Paris is where my roots are anchored. It’s where I learned how to walk, talk and write. Where I discovered in the small movie theaters of the Latin Quarter the films of Chaplin, Lubitsch, Capra, Mankiewicz, Kubrick… And in bigger ones those of Spielberg, Mendes, Anderson, the Coen Brothers, Burton, Nolan, Luhrmann, Fincher… The streets and cafés of Paris were my first sets.

New York is where I learned how to walk for a second time. Where I learned to look at the world around me and to frame it. Where I learned how to fall in love. Where I picked up a guitar for the first time. Where I felt free like never before.

Los Angeles is where I learned to see and think bigger (I guess that’s what California does to you!) Los Angeles is where I learned how to write for the second time.

I live in New York now. It’s hard to go to the movie theater when you have young children, so my flat screen TV is now where I’m discovering the films and shows of Carney, Chazelle, Vallée,  Villeneuve, Iñàrritu… and always, always, listening to the words of Sorkin.



Here’s my email: matteo.silb@nypala-prod.com