] 125 [

Series / 1 hour Drama – Science Fiction
Registered with WGAe

“How Long Can We Live?” The science behind the fiction
Second Rounder at Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition 2018

In the not too distant future, humans make a discovery about their race that will change the course of civilization forever: if you reach 125 years of age, your mind and body regenerate to your early 20s. You can then start a new life – with the knowledge, wealth and experience of the previous one. While politicians try to cope with the many implications of this new fact of life on every aspect of society, civilians across the country are starting to “rebound”: some to resume unfinished endeavors, others to give unaccomplished dreams another chance, or in the case of Cody, to seek revenge.

27 Bullets

Feature / Political Thriller
Registered with WGAe

The bad guy will always shoot first.

A former police officer, who recently lost his wife and son in a tragic mass shooting, goes on to take hostage the congressman of his district a week before the midterms election in a desperate attempt to make something – anything – change in the gun control debate in America.

I don’t think we can leave the gun control debate in the hands of politicians alone any longer. Storytellers need to enter the conversation. Because, unlike a politician, a story doesn’t have to beat another story to be powerful: so it CAN be engaging and honest, at the same time.

 H, D, R.

Series / Half-Hour Comedy
Registered with WGAe

What would happen to your life if your subconscious suddenly became conscious?
HBO’s Entourage meets Pixar’s Inside Out

For most Americans, turning 21 is a moment synonym of freedom. Freedom to learn, freedom to drive away, freedom to flirt, and freedom to (legally) order a beer at a restaurant. But Sebastian isn’t free. He’s stuck on his father’s farm and terribly alone. Except not exactly, not anymore. A couple of weeks before his landmark birthday, three characters suddenly came to (his) life: his Heart, his Desire and his Reason. Needless to say these three don’t always agree with each other! But an idea started to shape in Sebastian’s mind: why not go to the city and take some classes in photography – his only passion – for a few years.

He is a little short on money, his father will never go for it and even his new companions can’t seem to get on the same page on how to go about it. And when he runs into a girl he had a fling with in high school, this internal conflict takes on a whole new level. Because for the first time, H, D and R seem to all agree on something: her.

 The Christmas Of The Century

Feature / Family Adventure
Registered with WGAw

At the dawn of the 20th century, Santa was the victim of one of the most underhanded business moves of the industrial age: a conglomerate of toy manufacturers poisoned a glass of milk, putting him into a deep sleep. But this year, Santa has finally woken up.

To bring enchantment and humanity back to the Christmas holiday, Santa will need to catch up on the extraordinary century he has missed while unraveling the mystery surrounding his disappearance. Luckily he is not alone. His trusted deputies, Mr. and Mrs. Elf, his loyal reindeer and their flock of offspring, as well as seven former Elf leaders, now spread across the globe, will help him overcome the many challenges of a contemporary Christmas (new toys, modern technology, a whole lot more children…) and avoid a danger he doesn’t know he is still facing.

Don’t we all wish we could still believe in Santa Claus? This movie will show us how.

Cats, Donuts and Roses

Feature / Poetic Comedy
Registered with WGAe

Chaplin’s Modern Times meets HBO’s Girls.

A love story is about two people, a time and a place. Cats, Donuts and Roses is set in New York, a city that probably more than any other, has seen relationships and human interactions be completely altered by the digital age.

Natalie is a capsulized version of the millennial girl – struggling to get by, searching for freedom on her cellphone, entrapped between the guidelines of lifestyle websites and her parents’ upstate standards. Charlie is a young man bare of everything modern, strolling along the lively streets instead of scrolling digital walls – a Charlie Chaplin of the 21st century.

On paper, Charlie and Natalie look like two sides of two coins that were dropped on the two opposite extremities of an island. But there is still something that this island does better than any dating algorithm – bring two soul mates together.

How does a slow-burn love between a kind-hearted vagabond and a rich-born romantic survive the age of cellphone instantaneity and social media illusions? It goes on a journey filled with misunderstanding, frustrations and detours.

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